What is The Best Time To Go Fishing? – Complete Guide

Which is The Best Time To Go Fishing

People have general preferences when it comes to fishing, morning, afternoon, or evening. However, when is the best time to go fishing?

It also has a lot to do with the seasons and water temperatures because let’s face it! When its summer, the fish in the ponds, shallow lake, and rivers tend to be sluggish.

In winter, the temperatures are much lower and since fish are cold-blooded they can’t keep their bodies warm during that time. The point is; a fish’s bodily function and temperatures are affected by the temperature of their surroundings. When the temperature is really low or too high, the amount of oxygen is reduced in the water which makes the fish picky and less active.

Basically, if you want to determine what time is best for fishing, you have to avoid extreme temperatures. When its too hot or cold, fish are much harder to find. This is the first thing to understand, then you proceed to learn how to tackle faster in warm water and slower in cold waters.

Fishing During Different Seasons

  • Summer

During summer, fishing is best before the sun comes out to before mid-morning knocks. Summer means enough over and food for the fish, so, even so, you can still have trouble fishing because the fish aren’t hungry during this time.

In the late morning and early afternoon in the summers, fishing is poor because they move deeper into the water to cool off. However, in the early evening, they water become cooler and so the fish comes up from the depth. This means that this is an excellent time to fish.

  • Spring

In the spring, don’t even think about fishing in the early morning because the water is usually so cold and the fish won’t bite. This is because the sun is low and rays keep bouncing off the water. If you want to fish so badly in spring mornings, you’d have to wait till spring turnover, that’s like a week or so, for the temperature to even out.

In the late mornings and early afternoon, you may get lucky or not. The rays begin to penetrate the water, which means it begins to warm up. However, you need to at least fish the downside shoreline because the winds will push the warmer water along the surface.

In the early evening, you may get lucky because the sun is directly overhead and the water is warm. The fish will come out to eat, their metabolism and digestion are cranked around this time.

  • Fall

In the fall, the water is cool in the early morning and the fish won’t bite. During this time, the sun is too low it can’t penetrate the water. In the late morning or early afternoon, you may get lucky or not because the water is generally cool this time of the season.

In the early evening, this time of the season may be the best time to fish. For several hours in the evening, the sun is directly overhead and so the water becomes more comfortable near the surface. And the fish add up weight for winter and so fishing is a lot more fun this time.

Final Verdict

Weather conditions also play a major role when it comes to the success of fishing. In this case, the wind is your friend because the water is pushed to the surface, so when fishing on the shore on a windy day, fish will assume your lures are food and they’ll bite. Study the weather at all times, and of course avoid heavy rains, even if it’s just for your health!

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