Kayak Fishing Shoes-Tips and Buying Guide

What should you wear kayaking? Many new kayak fishing enthusiasts do not understand the benefits of investing in a good pair of kayak fishing shoes. However, experienced kayak anglers understand too well that a good pair of kayaking shoes go beyond providing protection and comfort to improve your accuracy and chances of making a good … Read more

What Shoes Should I Wear Kayaking?

Kayaking is exciting and fun. But without the right kayaking apparel, you will end up with discomfort or, sometimes, injuries. Do you need special shoes for kayaking? Of course, this is a question that many novice kayakers ask because they believe that kayaking is all about sitting in your vessel and padding. Your answer lies … Read more

Whitewater Kayaking: Everything You Need to Know

Kayaking is a popular pastime activity for millions here in the US and across the globe. The autonomy, plus the fact that you enjoy Mother Nature in its most natural form, is refreshing. It is always about you, your boat, your paddle, and the water. The experience is phenomenal. But suppose you have been into … Read more

Inflatable Fishing Kayak: Everything You Need to Know

You are here because you are interested in finding out more about an inflatable fishing kayak. ¬†You can also call them air kayaks or blow-up kayaks. Notably, they are pretty ideal for navigating the waters and come in handy for anglers and adventurers alike. But before you put your hard-earned money on air kayaks, you … Read more

Stand-Up Kayaks: Tips and Benefits of Stand-Up Kayak Fishing

The idea of casting your fishing reels while standing up in a kayak seems quite farfetched. That’s pretty understandable, particularly if you are new to kayak fishing. For a fact, standing in a kayak while fishing can be tricky and dangerous. You cannot do that in any random kayak. But with stand-up kayaks, any experienced … Read more

What You Need in Your Fishing Tackle Box

Fishing is one of the best pastime activities you can consider this summer or any other season. It is cheap yet immensely satisfying and fulfilling. But just like camping, backpacking, hunting, or any other outdoor venture, your success depends on your preparedness. Missing an essential item when you get to your fishing spot is a … Read more

A Detailed Guide to Electric Fishing Reels

Fishing, onshore or offshore, remains one of the most popular activities worldwide. It is a pastime for millions and a sport for others. It is also a dependable income activity that runs households and drives economies. The arrival and development of electric fishing reels continue to revolutionize offshore fishing. You see, we live in an … Read more

What to Wear When Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities. For that reason, millions of people across the world go fishing every year. The reasons why people go fishing vary from person to person. For some, it is a sport, while for others, it is a hobby. Still, millions worldwide consider it a source of income, … Read more

Ice Fishing Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know

Avid anglers no longer stay indoors just because it is winter. They are more ready to cast their reels in icy waters than ever before. And if you are willing to join the bandwagon, there can never be a better time. Of course, ice fishing is fun and pretty effective. With the right ice fishing … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Inline Ice Fishing Reels

Winter is around the corner. And among the things you want to put in order as an angling enthusiast are your bait, your tackle, and your fishing reel. But speaking of reels, a big decision always awaits enthusiastic winter anglers. Is it time to make the long-awaited jump to the highly innovative inline ice fishing … Read more