Okuma Metaloid Fishing Reel Review

Okuma Metaloid review

When it comes to offshore reels, aluminum high grade is the best because of its durability and performance. Okuma Metaloid has managed to pave its way out of the haystack among other reels in the market.

However, most reels are made of high-grade aluminum, so what makes this Metaloid different? What makes it valuable is the wide range of specs, a handful of special features, and the reasonable price.

It has helical cut ears and 4 corrosion ball bearings made to resist, both are built to last. Some of the stand out features are the precision helical cut gears and a carbonite drag system. Let’s dig deeper into the features.

Okuma M-5II Metaloid 4BB 6.4:1 & 3.8:1 Machined...
  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for reliability and quality
  • Used by professionals worldwide

Features of Okuma Metaloid

  • 1 Piece of Aluminum Frame and Sideplate 

This Metaloid uses aluminum to run one-piece frame and the side plate. The aluminum is meant to remove any reel that twists under heavy pressure. It also gives it a structure that keeps bearings, gears, and shafts in the exact alignment. If you use softer frames, these things are bound to slightly shift.

  • Corrosion Resistant Coating (CRC)

Okuma has made sure that all the parts including the internal and external parts have been coated with Corrosion X HD. The coating forms a bond once it permeates into the metal. It also protects the pars from dust and corrosion which makes the reels last even longer.

  • Cold Forged and Anodized Aluminum Spool

Cold forging makes the spool stronger which is crucial due to that extra wear the line tends to cause. This is important especially for those who experience heavy pressure from the offshore fish. This Metaloid has also anodized the spools o prevent the water from being in contact with the metal and forming rust.

  • Anodized Aluminum Handle with Ergo Grip Knob

The arms of this Metaloid have a cranking design and are made of anodized aluminum. You will notice this from the way the handle tends to curve inward towards the reel. This gives the reel extra leverage. The handle also has an ergo grip knob that perfectly fits into the palm. The rubber on it helps keep your grip even when the heat is too much or when the skin gets sweaty.

  • 4 Bearing System with Resistant Stainless Steel

Like all Metaloid models, Okuma has and spins on a 4-bearing system. The bearings are made of stainless steel and are also corrosion resistant.

  • Carbonite Drag with Cal’s Grease

The Metaloid reels in Okuma has an efficient carbon fiber disc drag system. They also use a superior lasting product known as Cal’s grease which helps the drags to engage and effectively eliminate any sticking.

  • Stainless Steel Helical Cut Gears

The gears are made of stainless steel in order to remain protected from the marine. This Metaloid has helical cut rather than the straight fitting gears. The straight gears have teeth that land inside of one another which tends to be clunky.

Helical cut gears, however, have curves. Every tooth grabs the other tooth at the top point. This allows them to keep in contact even as they move from the start to end. When they release, the next set of teeth begins. This allows the helical cut gears to emit extreme power.

  • Precision Lever with a Fine Tune Adjustment

When thrown all the way forward, this Metaloid has lever drags that have a strike setting. With the adjustment knob under the lever, you can easily fin tune its resistance to within the pounds you want.

  • Bait Clicker Switch

This model comes with a licker switch. When in free spool you can turn it on or you can also do it with a lightly set drag and it will begin when the line begins screaming out. When retrieving a fish, you have to click it off because it also sounds when you reel.

  • Double Dog Anti-Reverse System

This Metaloid uses a double dog anti-reverse system. This means that before engaging it you could experience a small amount of back play.


Okuma Metaloid has received positive reviews from the anglers. It may have a design flaw but not big enough to dismiss its effectiveness. For its prices, this Metaloid offers incredible performance.

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Okuma Metaloid











  • • High performance and durability
  • • Reasonable price for its quality
  • • Its saltwater proof
  • • Fast


  • • Reel systems can malfunction
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