How to Catch Speckled Trout

How to Catch Speckled Trout

If you want to catch a speckled trout you have to become smarter than the speckled trout itself.

You have to be able to know how it will react even before it actually does. They happen to be very smart because they understand their prey and they avoid whatever they think will harm them. So you have to be smart to catch them when they are fully unaware.

Speckled trout are usually caught by waders, from piers, from boats, and from the shores. The technique you use to target them will vary by how you are pursuing them,

Fishing Techniques You Can Use to Catch Speckled Trout

  • Wading

First things first, you need to avoid wading into the guts. This is important even though you may sometimes want to fish in the guts during the high tides in the dips especially between the sandbars off the beach.

Just stand on the sandbars and cast into the guts so that you don’t disturb those regions. If you spot to many birds in the water, then be ready quickly because that’s the time the speckled trout are most likely to tear through bait fish. The birds are a sign that they are picking up the scraps left behind.

  • Surf Fishing

If you prefer surf fishing, then you must be aware that the fish are tight against the shore most of the time. This means that you need to make your casts parallel to the sand. However, be careful not to cast out too far.

  • Bottom Fishing

With this type of fishing, you can bait the hook with live shrimp. You might also need to consider other bait fish like menhaden, croakers, or pogies. Use a light weight reel and a Carolina rig attached to it if you want to get the bait down. However, you must allow the bait to swim naturally.

  • Drift Fishing

Drift fishing means that you have to drift your boat over the sandy flats, oyster beds, wrecks, and rocky bottoms. We recommend using a double jig rig with this technique. You should also use soft plastic minnows, split-tail grubs, or combine both.

  • Popping Corks

When it comes to trout fishing, popping a cork above the baited hook is also a popular technique. Make sure you snell a hook to the end of the fishing line with this technique. Then attach the popping cork to the fishing line 18-24 inches above the hook.

You can also use free-lining to catch a couple of fishes. You only have to remove the popping cork for this and use the weight of the bait on its own. You can also add mall split-shot weights 7-9 inches if you want to gain distance. This technique is more likely to catch you more fish compared to any other technique.

  • Landing Nets

When you are targeting a speckled trout, a landing can be of immense advantage. Most anglers have lost the fish when they are attempting to swim the fish on dock or onto the boat because they lack a net when the hook is pulling through the mouth of the fish. A landing net will help you prevent this from happening.


Speckled trout fishing requires knowledge. Understanding how a speckled trout reacts is not enough. You also need to learn the preparations you need and the equipment you need to use. In the local store, you will realize that there are many products specific for trout fishing.

Take a keen look, ask the shop owner to guide you in picking up the equipment that will best suit your purpose.

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