Everything You Need to Know About Inline Ice Fishing Reels

Winter is around the corner. And among the things you want to put in order as an angling enthusiast are your bait, your tackle, and your fishing reel. But speaking of reels, a big decision always awaits enthusiastic winter anglers. Is it time to make the long-awaited jump to the highly innovative inline ice fishing reels? Or, do you still want to keep allegiance to a spinning reel?

While spinning reels have been a game for traditional ice anglers, inline ice fishing reels’ rising popularity is something to ponder. Of course, inline reels are not newcomers. They date back to several decades ago.

The current resurgence now sees an increased preference for more advanced inline reels over spinning reels. Consequently, many people now use inline reels as part of their primary ice fishing gear, while spinning reels come in as backups.

Indeed, this is something that you too can try out this winter. But there is a catch! Inline ice reels are comparably costly and generally ideal for highly skilled anglers. Read further to find out why inline reels are still the perfect picks for ice fishing!

4 Reasons Why You Should Use an Inline Fishing Reel This Winter

Honestly, there is a myriad of good things about inline fishing reels. Let’s get to the details;


a.       Manageable Line Twists

The fact that line twists are more manageable with inline reals is phenomenal. Thus, many anglers consider them better for panfish and shallow fishing. These types of fishing gear feature incredibly reduced line spin. And this often translates to more bites, mainly when dealing with panfish.

Unlike spinning types that tend to loop off the spool and tangle consistently, inline reels do not. They feature unique line guide systems that reliably terminate tangles. The special design also consists of a drop-speed drag adjustment knob and a tangle-free spool. Together, these three components improve line management, prevent tangles, and boost the overall performance.


b.      Unbeatable Precision

Angling is about precision. And you are not going to achieve much if you or your gear cannot deliver maximum accuracy. Interestingly, the best inline fishing gear is a game-changer.

Spinning reels are excellent. However, since both lure drop options either require hand pulling the line or opening the bail before flicking the rod tip, you end up introducing slack in the string. And when fish strikes on the drop, you will undoubtedly miss your chance.

On the contrary, inline reels feature free spools, which exhibit nice steady drops devoid of slack. Pulling the trigger allows the line to flow off your spool. This sends your lure plummeting the strike zone without slack. And when you release the trigger, the free-spool instantly stops. The result is that the angler will immediately set the hook.

Ideally, this one-handed level of precision, performance, and control is phenomenal. Not any other type of reel comes closer. It even gets more exciting that you can make the one-handed cast effortlessly in gloves.


c.       Minimal Freezing

You certainly know what winter means—frigid weather for you and your gear. So, fishing reels will often freeze, and no type of reel is immune to this. But the degree of freezing varies from one kind of gear to the other.

When line icing occurs, the line will undoubtedly stick when you attempt to drop your bait with an inline. However, this problem is not as profound in inline reels as in spinning reels and other types of reels. Most types of reels only have multiple freeze points, while an inline reel only has one.

Besides, putting the inline reel next to a heater will quickly get it back into working condition. And for ardent professionals of winter fishing, a couple of warm breaths often do the trick.


d.      Compatible with All Fishing Rods

Sometimes it becomes hectic to pair your desired fishing reel with a compatible fishing rod. Interestingly, this will not be the case when you decide to go with an inline reel. They stand out as pretty versatile when it comes to rod compatibility. Thus, you can easily buy any fishing rod in the market and pair it with your inline reel.


Ice Fishing: When Should You Consider Spinning Reels Over Inline Models?

Ice fishing or winter fishing continues to get more popular by the day. But it is always hectic and hazardous. Hence, the best way to get the best from it is to maximize your preparations.

Look, while inline reels are the ultimate pick for ice fishing, some situations demand that you go with the more versatile spinning reels. These scenarios include;


i.                     Looking for Overall Versatility

Based on inline reels’ designs, they are not the right kind of equipment you would tag along for open water fishing. They are only ideal for ice fishing. Thus, you may consider a more versatile option if you are an all-season angler. And the most obvious choice is the spinners.

Inline reels are even more limiting because you can only use them on panfish and shallow depths. Worse still, you will not achieve anything if you use them for big fish. That is why most angling enthusiasts opt for spinning reels. Besides solving these inline shortfalls, you can also use live baits on spinners. And that is quite exclusive.

ii.                   You Are a New Angler

We already stated that winter fishing is more hazardous and demanding. So, that is not the type of environment to practice your angling skills. It is even worse if you venture into the freezing winter waters as a novice with the complicated inline reel. That is not to say that a newbie should not venture into icy waters.

Choose a spinning reel if you are just making inroads into fishing as a hobby or sport. The reason for this is that you may find it frustrating to get your settings, particularly if you do not know how to set up a fishing reel. And if you cannot set your gear, you will not get to cast your fishing reel right. Why not learn ice fishing with the more straightforward spinning reel?


Final Words

And the curtain falls on this article. Gone are days when fishing was not a favorite activity for winter. Things have changed, and fishing is now an all-season activity. Ideally, you can make a great catch in winter with the required skills and expertise. But that will also be dependent on your choice of gear.

You can always go for a high-performance inline reel if you have the skills.  But the fishing conditions and your desires may also compel you to stick to spinning reels. Either way, prepare adequately and wear the suitable clothing on your expeditions.

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