Different Types of Fishing Rods


When you go shopping for a fishing rod, the most limiting factors are the type of fish you intend to be catching and the amount of money you want to spend. You also need to buy a fishing rod based on your fishing environment and target species.

Best Fishing Rods On The Market Today:

Also, consider how will be targeting the fish. That is, you will be using bait, lures, or both and whether you will be casing, and if that’s the case, where you will be fishing. You will find a fishing reel designed to suit the method you are using and also defined by the reel you are using. They include:

  • Spinning Rods

These are the most popular type if rod used by skill level fishos and beginners as well. It is a very versatile rod because the spinning reel is fitted under the nod. This makes it suitable for bait fishing and lures casting as well.

You can use the rod to target a larger scale of small or medium-sized fish depending on the weight class of the rod’s setup. Spinning rods are also well suited for kayak and boat fishing.

  • Surf Rods

Like the name suggests, this type of fishing rod is designed to suit surf fishing. However, it is also ideal for those who fish off the rocks. You can use this type of rod from the shore and cast long distances even past the breaking waves where fish because they are about 4-5 meters long.

These types of rods are used with Alvey style reels or big eggbeater reels to tackle the big fish and allow you to cope with any added weight when you are pulling the catch through the waves. You can break them down into multiple pieces to easily transport them.

  • Baitcasting Rods

These rods are the perfect alternative to spinning rods because they are very versatile and recommended for experienced fishos. Because of birds nesting, fishing amateurs can be easily turned off by the baitcasting reel and rod combo.

If not handles well, you can easily tangle the spool. It requires great accuracy when you are casting and even more control when you are handling a fish.

These roads are referred to as telescopic rods because they suit any of your lifestyles. It can fit in the boot of your car when you are on the road, you can take it with you when you are going for an adventure and it’s also perfect for those who don’t have much space for a full-size rod in their house. They are designed to be used with the spinning reels.

  • Fly Rods

These rods are designed when fly fishing and when using a fly reel. Fly fishing is compared to hunting because you need stealth, patience and a whole lot of skill when you are casting a fly to mirror what the fish is feeding on.

They are not just suited for trout fishing in freshwater lakes and mountain streams, there are a lot of reels, rods, flies, and lines to suit any type of fishing.

  • Overhead Rods

These are classic boat fishing. They are designed to work in collaboration with an overhead reel and they tend to be more powerful and slightly shorter than casting rods. They are also designed for fighting the big fish of the deep-sea. All you have to do with this type of rod and a good reel is drop the fishing line and just wait for the fish to bite.

  • Kids Rods
You also need a fishing rod for your kid that isn’t too big for them to handle. As the child grows then you can replace the rod for them.


Again, the type of fishing rod should be influenced by your fishing destination and target species. Make sure to get a fishing rod that better suits your needs.

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