What to Wear Kayaking: Essential Tips and Tricks

You need to dress appropriately whether you are into kayaking as a sport, a pastime activity, an adventure, or kayak fishing. But many new and seasoned kayakers do not know what to wear kayaking until they find themselves in a bad situation. Ideally, you need the correct attire for kayaking like you would have to … Read more

How to Tie Basic Fishing Knots

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How to Fish for Trout: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Essential Kayak Gear and Accessories You Cannot Go Without

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Kayak Fishing Shoes-Tips and Buying Guide

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What Shoes Should I Wear Kayaking?

Kayaking is exciting and fun. But without the right kayaking apparel, you will end up with discomfort or, sometimes, injuries. Do you need special shoes for kayaking? Of course, this is a question that many novice kayakers ask because they believe that kayaking is all about sitting in your vessel and padding. Your answer lies … Read more

Whitewater Kayaking: Everything You Need to Know

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Inflatable Fishing Kayak: Everything You Need to Know

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Stand-Up Kayaks: Tips and Benefits of Stand-Up Kayak Fishing

The idea of casting your fishing reels while standing up in a kayak seems quite farfetched. That’s pretty understandable, particularly if you are new to kayak fishing. For a fact, standing in a kayak while fishing can be tricky and dangerous. You cannot do that in any random kayak. But with stand-up kayaks, any experienced … Read more

What You Need in Your Fishing Tackle Box

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