Best Saltwater Spinning Reel for Offshore & Inshore

best saltwater spinning reel

The accessories that make up your gear set determine the success of your fishing. When you set out to fish on saltwater, you must have the right spinning reel that does not corrode from the impurities in the water.  Fishing reels vary in sizes brands, shapes as well as features. This can be complicated if you don’t know what a fishing reel that is suitable for your fishing needs.

We will help you decide what to choose by taking you through the best saltwater spinning reels. We will also cover the essential factors you need to consider before buying a spinning reel for saltwater so that you are not confused. Let us start our discussion with a quick summary.

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels of 2020 – Comparison table

Best Product
Penn 1259871 Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reel, 4500
Bearing Count
Gear ratio
KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel,Size 2000
Bearing Count
Gear ratio
SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning Reel, 4.7:1,6.2:1...
Bearing Count
Gear ratio
Best Price
Burning Shark Fishing Reel - Carbon Fiber 25 LBs Max...
Bearing Count
Gear ratio
Carbon Fiber
Price not available
KastKing Centron Spinning Reel,Size 3000 Fishing Reel
Bearing Count
Gear ratio
Anodized Aluminum

Penn Spin fisher V – Best Saltwater Spinning Reel On the Market

Finding a saltwater spinning reel with numerous models is rare. Penn spin fisher is a unique type. You can get as many as eleven models of this reel in different sizes.

Each version comes with its capacity, and the biggest of them all can fight any sea creature due to its high capacity.

The version that you choose determines its price. Therefore, if you want a cheap Penn spin fisher, the small versions will still give you excellent service depending on your needs.


  1. Tank-like design
  2. Rubber gasket
  3. Rings
  4. Five ball bearings


Tank-like design

For a spinning reel to withstand salt water without corroding, it must be designed with the seal to prevent this. That is why the designers of this reel created a durable spinning reel with a watertight mechanism.

Your spinning reel comes with six seals to protect your drag system as well as the gearbox. The drag system has additional drag washers to go for years without damage from salt water.

Rubber gaskets

Unlike most spinning reels that include a back system, this contains a rubber gasket to prevent the line from slipping. It allows you to fill your spool smoothly and fast. It comes with a line lay that gives you an even distribution for enhanced performance. This is a challenge that many people encounter with other saltwater spinning reels.


The line capacity rings keep you alert on the amount of line you have on your spool to help you decide your next step. The rings act as a reminder so that you are not caught off-guard with no more line left.

Ball bearings

Your Penn spin fisher V comes with five ball bearings that are constructed with high-quality material. The designer adds some shield for protection against salt water. They ensure that your casting and retrieving is smooth.

Some customers complain that the gear wears out after extended use.


The different versions of this saltwater spinning reel come with similar features but differ in their capacity. Choose a version according to your level of experience in angling so that you find it compelling. If you consider the price and the features, you will see its value.

  • Gives you high casting and retrieving
  • Made from long-lasting materials
  • Gives you a different version to choose from
  • Comes with seals and shields to protect the delicate parts from salt water
  • Excellent line lay
  • Good braking
  • The advertisers say it is 100% watertight, but some users disagree with this.

Kastking sharky III fishing reel – Good Product Under $100

Are you looking for a spinning reel that can help you catch large fish smoothly in different conditions? Kastking sharky iii fishing reel is what you need.

The lightweight, smoothness, and strength of this salty water spinning reel make it stand out.


  1. Fiber drag
  2. 11 ball bearings
  3. Aluminum Spool
  4. Alloy gear
  5. Shield system


The innovative manufacturers of this spinning reel combine the best materials to give you a reel that is durable and effective for all kinds of anglers. The body and rotor of this reel are made of graphite that prevents it from corrosion from saltwater.

A buyer gets ball bearings that are constructed with stainless steel and shielded to protect them from damage. Your spool is built with aluminum and comes with a braided line so that you don’t need a backing line. This makes it possible for you to spool the braided line entirely giving you a better line capacity.

Your drag system is made from carbon fiber increasing efficiency thanks to the triple disc equipped in it. The drag system has both the front and rear drag. The front drag provides drag power of up to 26 pounds which is sufficient for adding pressure on a large fish. You can use the setting on the rear drag system to drift live or cut bait in deep water.

Your alloy gear contains manganese brass to enhance precision while targeting specific fish in the sea. Your main shaft is oversized to give you perfection as you use your spinning rod. You also get a T-grip handle that is made from aluminum for additional comfort on your hand. The designers use an intrusion shield to protect your reel from dirt and water.

The combo might come in different sizes, but you will win the battle and catch massive fish at the end of your day. You can choose the spinning reel among the four versions offered. Every version is different when it comes to the line capacity and size. These models come with two different gear ratios which as 5.1:1 and 5.5:1.


If you are an inshore fisherman, this spinning reel is for you. It is ideal for both salt, and fresh water thus, increasing flexibility. You get numerous features for an affordable reel. Your one- year warranty takes care of defects within the time.

  • The grip is comfortable and anti-slip convenient for wet conditions
  • You don’t need backing thanks to the braided line
  • You get a smooth drag to prevent your line from breaking off
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • High retrieve, casting and improved performance
  • The materials used make it durable
  • No complaints have been raised from any of the users.

Sea Knight rapid saltwater spinning reel – Ideal for Beginners

If you are new to saltwater spinning reels, you want something that is simple to operate and perform well.  Sea Knight rapid spinning reel defines that.

You can get it in different sizes and heights according to your preference.  Each version also comes with a protective bag enhancing portability and secure storage.


  1. 11 ball bearings
  2. Aluminum body
  3. Handle knob


It is a robust spinning reel that covers your fishing needs with features such as its oscillation system. The system creates a uniform pattern on your spool to minimize line friction to enable you to cast on long distances.

The drive gear is precise to give you an easy time in the lake. It is coated with aluminum alloy to prevent it from corroding. It gives you sufficient power to catch different sizes of fish. You get a drag knob that comes with its washer so that you can maintain it easily away from water and dust.

You can handle your spinning reel smoothly thanks to the Eva knob mechanism. It is ergonomic and gives you a secure, comfortable grip even for long hour fishing. You get 11 ball bearings for enhanced rotation and also the precision from their shields positioned on each side.

They are coated with a brass pinion to prevent them from corroding due to impurities in the water.

This spinning reel feels stable because of the thick shaft. Your drag system is made from carbon fiber to give you maximum sheer power for big fish. Its gear ratio is 6.2:1. The designers use a dynamic rotor that is hollow for better rotation and minimal resistance to air.


Any newbie teaching themselves how to angle and catch fish under various circumstances will love this spinning reel. Its performance, durability as well as comfort make it an ideal choice that you should consider.

  • The materials used are durable
  • The Eva grip mechanism is smooth and comfortable
  • The shield prevents your reel from damage
  • The drag system enhances performance
  • It is versatile for different water conditions
  • Your packaging does not have a spare spool

Burning shark fishing reel – Best Choice Under $50

Are you looking for a versatile fishing reel that you can use in both salt and fresh water? Consider burning shark fishing reel.

You can use all types of the line thanks to the slow oscillation that provides you with an even line lay.


  1. 12 ball bearings
  2. Left/right retrieve
  3. Rotor
  4. PT- gears
  5. Fiber drag


Right from the shaft of your spinning reel, you can tell how durable it is due to the construction from stainless steel. The rotor is made from carbon fiber and the spool from aluminum. The combination of these materials makes your spinning reel light enough to give you smooth performance and handle a heavy line. You get a gear ratio of 5.2:1.

You get 12 ball bearings that increase rotation and make fishing fast and easy. You can retrieve fish smoothly thanks to the shielded bearings. They are also made from stainless steel that prevent them from corroding.

The adjustable retrieve allows you to interchange your left and right hand to reduce fatigue. Your handle comes with a button that is useful during storage.

This spinning reel is reliable thanks to the drag system that comes with a triple disc. Your shaft is also oversized to give you precise casting and retrieving. The gears are equipped with brass pinion giving you additional strength to handle large fish.

Some people report that the handle breaks easily making it less durable.


This saltwater spinning reel is designed to suit different kinds of anglers. No matter your experience in fishing, you will love the burning shark fishing reel. The features and the price are the most appealing to many customers.

  • It gives you precision for enhanced performance
  • You can use it on both fresh and saltwater
  • It is easy to store.
  • Gives you smooth operation
  • It is affordable
  • The metal knob on your handle can get uncomfortable
  • It might be slightly heavier than other saltwater spinning reels.

Kastking summer and centron spinning reels – Has an Impressive Appearance

This is not those spinning reels that are too good to be true. It has both looks and excellent performance.

It comes with a unique design with anodized spindles made from aluminum and appears in two-toned colors.


  1. Pinion gear
  2. Anti-reverse
  3. Machined spindle
  4. Nine-ball bearings


Your spinning reel gives you a powerful drag system that offers a stopping power of 20lbs.  The main shaft is hard and well built. You get a mesh gear as well as a pinion gear that make your reel both precise and powerful. The CNC spindle gives you a line lay, and the internal grooves help you retain the lube.

It is equipped with at least nine ball bearings and one anti- verse bearing making the performance smooth. The design of your reel comes from graphite material that makes it light and compact. The designers use computer balancing technology to give your spinning reel stability while in use.

It has an aluminum spool that gives your reel sufficient power to capture different sizes of fish.

If you want to cast at a long distance you can, due to a launch lip featured on your spinning reel. Unlike other spinning reels which limit you on the line capacity, Kastking summer can hold more line for enhanced casting.


You can train with this spinning reel to become a professional angler. It gives you numerous features to experiment on the casting and to retrieve. It also has enough strength to capture big fish. The price is also a plus that makes it a reasonable spinning reel.

  • Gives you smooth casting
  • The construction is durable
  • Brilliant appearance
  • It is easy to use
  • The drag system works effectively
  • It resists corrosion
  • Some professionals may find it underwhelming due to fewer ball bearings than they are used to.

Yongzhi fishing reel spinning reel – Cheap Reel Under $20

Are you tired of fish flipping as soon as you capture them? Take charge of your fish by choosing Yongzhi spinning reel. You can use this spinning reel on an ocean, lake, reservoir pond or a stream due to its versatile nature.

The line capacity of your spinning reel is high such that you don’t need backing.


  1. Metal body and rotor
  2. Drag system
  3. Five ball bearings
  4. Anti-reverse mechanism


The combination of white and black colors gives your spinning reel a sense of style and distinguishes it from others. It makes your autumn or summer fishing experiences exciting and relaxing.

The body of your spinning reel is constructed with metal for reliable performance. A buyer also gets a rotor and side plate that give you control of your fishing activity. Your drag system is made from carbon fiber to provide you with enhanced dragging power without any resistance.

The bail wire is made of stainless steel that prevents it from corrosion and in turn, increases durability.

You get five ball bearings that are also sealed to prevent corrosion. The bearings allow you to fish smoothly and fast due to high-speed spinning. They also provide fluid cranking and an anti-reverse mechanism that keeps your fish hooked.

Your aluminum spool has a rubber gasket that keeps your line stable and prevents it from slipping when you exert high pressure during the battle with the fish. It also has an additional graphite spool that makes it convenient for your traveling needs.

The line is braided for maximum power so that you can capture various sizes of fish. It gives you a gear ratio of 5.0:1. You get a CNC handle for a comfortable, sturdy grip. The manufacturers use the Eva mechanism on your handle knob so that it does not skid due to wet conditions. You can adjust your left and right retrieve making it more convenient for use over long hours.

Some users report that the round handle may be uncomfortable. They would prefer a flat piece like in other saltwater spinning reels.


The price, quality, appearance, and performance of this reel make it highly rated. You can get a smaller version to fit your budget.

  • It is versatile
  • Made with durable material
  • Smooth Drag
  • High power to catch big fish
  • The clocking sound may be a nuisance to some users

Sougayilang fishing reel spinning – Most Light-Weight Product

Do you desire to achieve balance from a spinning reel that minimizes fatigue? Sougayilang will give you an easy time to fish both in small and big fish. You can either use it in freshwater or saltwater.

It has a cast control that you can adjust for precise fishing. It also comes with a clocking sound that acts as an indicator.


  1. Collapsible handle
  2. 13 ball bearings
  3. Left/right retrieve
  4. Lock system


The design of your spinning reel makes it smooth to fish thanks to its oscillation system. It allows you to have a stable line winding for stability and high performance. You get interchangeable handles to use on both hands. They are also collapsible for secure storage. The CNC handle is made from metal to give you a superior grip.

Most of the body parts are made from stainless steel which prevents your spinning reel from corroding. It uses an S-curving mechanism that gives you great casting. The designers also incorporate a lock system that offers you a smooth drawing.

This spool is made of aluminum making your reel light thus, increasing portability. You can travel to the best fishing spot with your spinning reel. You get a gear ratio of 5.2:1 which is relatively high for fast rotations to facilitate spinning. It can handle massive fish and heavy lines.


The use of advanced technology makes your spinning reel a powerful tool. The features perform well, and its sizes make it convenient to carry around.

  • It comes with a thin body that is light-weight
  • High-quality materials
  • It is resistant to corrosion
  • Uses advanced technology for enhanced strength to cast and retrieve fish
  • It gives you easy drawing
  • Most users complain of jamming after using for long.
  • Some report that is not readily available in the market.

Kastking Kodiak saltwater spinning fishing reel – Heavy Duty Choice

Get a brand that offers you a variety of models to choose from which are all strong and perform highly. Kastking Kodiak comes in five different models that give you a maximum drag of up to 39lbs.

It comes with a carbon washer to minimize pressure during casting and to retrieve.


  1. Drag system
  2. Carbon washers
  3. Handle knob
  4. Ball bearings


Unlike other reels that give you a high drag and are heavy, this saltwater spinning reel is light due to the materials used to help you maximize most angling positions efficiently. It comes with a high-quality aluminum rotor.

The designers use tough technology to prevent water from coming into contact with your spinning reel. It, therefore, prevents corrosion and makes it suitable to use on both salt and freshwater. Eva foam is used on your handle knob to give you a secure and comfortable grip.

A user gets 11 ball bearings all made from stainless steel to withstand strong battles with fish. Unlike typical shafts, your spinning reel has a thick shaft to give your ball bearings maximum support.

The spool is built from aluminum and uses a balanced computer system for smooth fishing.

It is also equipped with a bail wire that gives your line ultimate protection.


This spinning reel has unique features such as the bail wire that is rear in other fishing reels. The advanced technology is also an advantage that makes it perform highly.

  • It is reasonably priced
  • Offers safety features to prevent corrosion from salt water
  • Give you smooth performance
  • High-quality material
  • Some users find the reel heavier than other spinning reels

Sougayilang fishing reel spinning – Ideal for Both Salt and Freshwater

What we like the most about this spinning reel is its updated WQ/BD technology that makes it light.

You can get your reel in two different colors and four sizes depending on your tastes and fishing skills.


  1. Metal handle
  2. Left and right retrieve
  3. Control sounds
  4. Aluminum Spool
  5. Anti-reverse


You can use this reel on a lake or a fast-moving ocean since it is powerful to withstand the waves thanks to the streamlined design. Its oscillation system allows you to cast and retrieve fish smoothly over vast distances. You get cast controls that you can adjust and clicking sounds to alert you of any changes in the water.

You also get metal handles that you can interchange and collapse when you want to store your reel. They give you a firm grip while on use.  Your gear ratio is 5.2:1 for fast spinning and enhanced performance. The drag system comes with a front and rear drag that are precise for increased production.

Its bail flips accordingly to give you a smooth operation. You also get an anti-reverse mechanism that works automatically. The line capacity gives you full control of your spinning reel and matches your angling skills.

The handle is not very comfortable


You get a sturdy spinning reel with numerous features for a reasonable price. Apart from some few challenges, this will perform as good as other spinning reels.

  • It is light and strong
  • Made from high-quality material
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It is flexible and convenient to use
  • Some users report that it can be louder than using other spinning reels.

X-cat spin reel – Good for Better Comfort

Do you often worry about not catching any fish after spending lots of time by the lake? This could be because you don’t have the right spinning reel. Check out the X-cat spinning reel and discover how easy it is to catch all kinds of fish.

It is constructed with both plastic and aluminum that are both high-strength.


  1. Interchanging arms
  2. Wood handle
  3. Metal cup
  4. Ball bearings


Unlike cheap spinning reels that use poor-quality plastic, you can be sure that this material used is long-lasting and improves your fishing techniques. The main shaft is made of metal for smooth operation. You get twelve ball bearings that are high quality and one anti-reverse that minimize friction during retrieving.

Your spinning reel comes with a hollow design that makes it light and a computer balancing mechanism to enhance the performance. This spinning reel has a gear that gives it sufficient strength to win the battle of catching big fish.

X-cat’s wooden handles are both comfortable and interchangeable to prevent hand fatigue. You can also fold them so that they don’t occupy extra room during storage. User also get an aluminum spool that enhances your casting and prevents the line from tangling.

Your overall body is light, and the appearance of this reel will leave you glued to it. Thankfully, you get to choose from seven different modes according to where you intend to use it. Your reel is suitable for ocean fishing, lakes, and streams.


This spinning reel performs reasonably well as others, considering its price.

  • It is easy to operate
  • It comes with foldable features
  • It gives you a smooth casting and retrieves
  • It provides you with diverse options
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Some users complain about the colors differing according to the advertisement
  • The grinding noise is also irritating to some customers

Best Saltwater Spinning Reels in 2020 for the Money – Buyer’s Guide

Factors you need to check before purchasing the saltwater spinning reel:

  • The strength

The materials used in the construction of your spinning reel determine its strength. For you to achieve your fishing goals, you need enough power from a spinning reel that can move fast during water waves as it resists the pressure from the water. It should also withstand the weight of your line as well as the fish. Therefore, choose materials such as graphite, magnesium or aluminum to get a powerful spinning reel.

  • The structure or design

Different spinning reels come with varying structures and models. A compact design that is made with light materials will give you better performance than a massive saltwater spinning reel. You don’t want a reel that puts pressure on the muscles of your wrist causing fatigue.

  • The capacity of your line

For you to fish in saltwater, you require a higher line capacity than fishing in freshwater. The line range should also be more for saltwater. Select a spinning reel with a better line capacity for your fishing needs.

  • The gear ratio

If you are a beginner with a saltwater spinning reel, you can choose a medium gear ratio instead of a low one. The gear ratio determines how easy it is for you to manage your line as the spin moves without interruptions. A professional needs a reel with a high gear ratio for enhanced speed rotations.


  • The seal

Check the seals of saltwater reels to determine if they are tight enough to protect delicate components from impurities such as dirt and salt. This defines the durability of your spinning reel. You should choose one with enough seals and shields to resist corrosion and give you years of service.

  • Drag settings

Select a spinning reel that has drag settings you can adjust so that you can set your limits to drag the fish from the water. This feature may be lacking in some saltwater spinning reels, but if you get it, you can control the fish better and prevent it from slipping away.

Final thoughts

From our comprehensive coverage, you can see that spinning reels for saltwater differ in various ways. That is why finding the right reel is crucial for your fishing activities. We hope that you have found one that can suit you. Compare them as you put into consideration the factors that we have discussed above. All the best!

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