Best Kayak Fish Finders of 2020 – Comparison

Best Kayak Fish Finder

Fishing is among the best outdoor activities allow you to explore some cold water on a stream, a lake or an ocean. What determines the success of bringing home a fish is the tools you are using.  A best kayak fish finder should be your priority in your tools to track down the biggest fish within no time.

Though there are many types of fish finders, we will look into the best-rated ones to help you settle for one. We will also discuss what you should watch out for before purchasing a fish finder. First, let us look at the following table.

Best Kayak Fish Finders of 2020

Best Product
Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP Fish Finder with built in...
Display size
Maximum Depth
600 feet
Price not available
Best Price
ReelSonar CGG-MY-IBOBBER iBobber Wireless Bluetooth...
Display size
Phone screen
Maximum Depth
135 feet
Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit
Display size
Maximum Depth
1600 feet
Deeper PRO Smart Portable Sonar - Wireless Wi-Fi Fish...
Display size
Phone screen
Maximum Depth
130 feet
Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C DI Color Fish...
Display size
Maximum Depth
320 feet

Raymarine dragonfly pro – Perfect Choice for Deep Water

Do you need a fish finder that gives you a clear view of the deep water?

Raymarine fish finder is what you need. It uses one of the best technologies to save you time while fishing.
The performance, reliability, and tracking of this fish finder make it stand out.


  1. Navionics charts
  2. Sonar transducer
  3. Flush mount kits
  4. LED display
  5. Weather tight plug


  • Sounder

The Chirp sonar is the sounder of your fish finder. It surpasses the ability of many fish finders by emitting numerous sound waves. You not only see the images in water, but also the shapes of fish thanks to the chirp sonar.

  • Display

LED backlit gives you display that is effective during the day.  It gives you bright colors and sharp contrast that allow you to view water in different angles without the interference of fog. This feature comes in handy during summer when fishing is a hobby to many.

It enhances visibility and gives your screen high resolution. This fish finder uses more than two frequencies to enhance clarity. You will not find this feature in most of the fish finders. It gives you down imaging but does not focus on side imaging. The quality of the bottom imaging is high and you can view the beauty of the sea.

  • Accessories

The packaging of your fish finder comes with accessories such as a power cable, a swivel bracket and a transducer.

  • Transducer

This is a large and sturdy element in your fish finder. It comes with a ratcheting connection that increases visibility. It transmits sonar signals and frequencies at the same time into the water for your fish finder to interpret details for a better structure of the images.

This leads to high resolution of sonar images. It remains intact despite your fish finder hitting rocks or debris.

  • Swivel bracket

This fish finder is safe thanks to its swivel bracket. It comes in handy when your fish finder hits a rock in the water. It allows your transducer to pop up to prevent damage.  You can clip down and adjust the tension screw of your swivel bracket to facilitate the functioning of the sensor.

Alternatively, you can place a screw on the bottom of the swivel bracket to prevent the transducer from popping up. This allows the two accessories to lock so that you don’t have to keep on resetting your safety feature.

  • GPS

An acquisition technology is used to install a GPS in your fish finder. This enhances navigation and speed in water for proper readings. Raymarine fish finder also comes with a temperature sensor.

  • Boating apps

The Navionics charts enable you to navigate and locate the best fishing sports in the water. It covers a wide area in the US lakes to give you updated charts. You can enjoy this service through your phone by getting the boating app to come up with your own bathymetric chart.

The model comes with Wi-Fi that allows you to connect data wirelessly to your tablet. The Wi- fish app allows you to have a clear vision of the sea. It makes your mapping smooth and enhances navigation. You can always save the data, rewind the images and share them after your fishing.

  • Installation

The installation is simple thanks to the socket mounting technique. You can upgrade your mount to the lasted mounting system that exists in the market. Use the flush kits and the mounting balls to mount your fish finder to your helm. You can store your data in Micro-SD memory cards.

Some users report that the Wi-Fi does not turn off quickly. This makes your fish finder consume more battery energy. A professional angler cannot tweak the sonar according to their taste.


This fish finder gives you high-quality technologies at a low price and unmatched frequencies. It is better than some of the expensive fish finders. The merits definitely outweigh the demerits making it a suitable fish finder for your fishing needs.

  • High-quality fish finder
  • User-friendly with simple controls
  • Responsive menus
  • It is affordable
  • It has a bright screen
  • You can connect the data to your mobile or iPad
  • It takes time to start up and shut down
  • The position of the controls make it uncomfortable
  • The controls don’t come with the backlight, making it inconveniencing at night.

Reelsonar iBobber – Good for Beginners

Go digital by buying this fish finder that syncs with the app on your tablet or smartphone to help you view the bottom of a lake to catch fish. Bring along your device for hiking, camping, canoeing or even kayaking. It is ideal for salt and freshwater lakes.

It is a castable fish finder that can cast long distances. The size also makes it portable and suitable for ice fishing.


  1. LED beacon
  2. Strike alarms
  3. Flasher mode
  4. Batteries and indicator light
  5. Carrying pouch
  6. USB charger
  7. Castable sonar


Your home screen comes with numerous features that work towards helping you stop guessing the location of fish. You can now catch fish in harsh water conditions by finding their hidden spots thanks to the identifier technology. GPS helps you tag hotspots for fishing for future purposes. You can either select fish tagging or raw sonar view.

The castable sonar helps you locate hidden in depths up to 135 feet. The sonar technology gives you accurate readings of contours structures as well as fish. Your app syncs through Bluetooth to help you map the temperatures of water, the depth as well as lures.

The trip logs allow you to take photos that you can share with friends after your adventure.

Your LED beacon comes in handy during night fishing. It incorporates a design that enhances visibility and lighting during the night. The manufactures equip your device with an anti-glare setting to brighten your screen in case of difficulties.

iBobber can tell the size of your fish as well as the depth for easy capturing. The trip logs enable you to identify the different species of fish in the water.  You can use the strike alarm to help you know when some fish are nearby and when they bite.

There is also a fish alarm that lets you know when you have caught fish. Your fish finder comes with a thermometer that is built in to gauge the temperature of your water.

Use your lunar calendar to give you information regarding the depths of water and feeding times of fish. As you forecast weather, you get a heads up on the conditions of the water. You can use your fish finder alone or bring a mounted unit to enhance efficiency. The battery life of your batteries is extended so that you reduce replacements after a short time.

Most of your fishing gear is collapsible such as your fishing rod for easy storage. Your packaging comes with USB charger for your phone, rechargeable batteries, and a carrying pouch for your fish finder. The purchase comes with a 2-year warranty showing that your portable fish finder is of high quality.


The price, features, and performance of this little fish finder make it a great device. The fact that it is suitable for all kinds of anglers is a plus. As long as and you are within the recommended Bluetooth range, you will catch fish smoothly.

  • Your fish finder does not need long steps of installation
  • The numerous settings enhance customization
  • Suitable for both slow or fast moving water
  • It is portable and flexible
  • You can share your findings and photos on the social network due to the sharing features
  • The packaging does not come with a phone
  • Some users complain about the Bluetooth range. Get a protective cover for your phone or iPhone to prevent it from damage due to water.

Garmin Striker 4 fish finder – Best GPS Features

If you need a fish finder for high or mid-chirp, Garmin striker 4 is what you should consider. It has an effective transducer that makes it suitable for different water conditions.


  1. Swivel mount
  2. Power cable
  3. Auto gain
  4. Flasher
  5. Symbol ID
  6. Fish alarms


  • Chirp sonar

You can get clear images of sea creatures thanks to the chirp sonar of this fish finder. The chip sonar defines your fish targets for high performance and less clutter. The ability to separate a group of fish close to one another makes it stand out among fish finders.

  • Fish symbol ID

This feature enables you to interpret the depth of targeted fish. It evaluates sonar returns as well as assigning icons to enhance the performance of your fish finder.

  • Flasher mode

If you are a stationery fisher or an ice fisher, you will like this feature. Your flasher mode comes in various rings that have different functions. For instance, the inner ring symbolizes the depth of your water, as the outer ring shows you the strengths of returns. You can find data regarding current sonar returns by using the A-scope flasher mode.

  • Auto-gain

Sometimes, the lake can be noisy due to various creatures in it, as well as, moving boats on it. That is where the auto-gain feature comes in. It filters this noise so that you can scan the water as you move at a high speed.

  • Mounts

This fish finder comes with mounts that can either be transom or trolling mounts.

  • Temperature sensor

This measures the temperature of the water.

  • GPS module

You can use the GPS to mark points for you to use in the future when you go fishing. Easily locate fish points and use them to save time during various fishing periods and create a favorite spot for fishing with gps.

  • Color display

Garmin Striker 4 has HVGA color display that comes with backlight. This helps you monitor your readings disregarding the scorching sun. You can view two applications at the same time using the color display.

  • Design

The manufacturers use a rugged design that makes your fish finder sturdy. It is a waterproof device that does not get damaged by splashes or harsh weather conditions. Though it can survive in fresh water, we recommend against such immersion for a long life.


If you have a small kayak or boat and need a small fish finder, you should consider Garmin Striker 4. Your fish finder is cheap and functions fairly well.

  • It has useful sonar features such as a flasher and fish symbols
  • The GPS is highly sensitive to trace any changes
  • The installation is smooth
  • It is cheap
  • You can save numerous waypoints.
  • You cannot use a low chirp with this fish finder
  • It does not come with micro-SD reader
  • You also don’t get a unit cover for your device
  • It lacks NMEA connectivity
  • You don’t get information regarding the latitude and longitudes.

Deeper Pro smart fish finder – Perfect for Shore Fishing

Do you need a small fish finder for your recreational fishing? Check out the deeper pro smart fish finder. It is small but functional to bring home a big salmon. You only need to tie this finder on your kayak and let it help you find fish.

It makes use of wireless sonar technology to connect it to your app on your smartphone. This technology works better than using Bluetooth connection alone. It is also a castable fish finder.


  1. GPS receiver
  2. Color mode
  3. Dual frequency sonar
  4. Batteries
  5. Offline maps


The wireless connection allows you to view what is beneath your water surface so that you can catch fish effortlessly. The range of connection goes up to 330 feet, providing you with a reliable signal for fishing.

Using of GPS readings enhances the quality of your activity, especially during angling. You can either catch fish both onshore and offshore. The dual beam covers two area simultaneously to increase the chances.

This device also comes with mapping features for you to look at the maps of your stream or river. The GPS receiver allows you to come up with your own maps increasing accuracy. User can have additional data on your map such as the depth of the water, the vegetation as well as the location of fish.

You can also include the temperature of the water or view details of your map, thanks to the incorporation of color modes.

The packaging of your fish finder comes with long life batteries that can take you five hours without needing a recharge. You can extend this time by bringing along extra batteries in case you run out of power. You get a USB wire, a carrying pouch as well as attachment bolts in the box.

This fish finder also comes with a one-year warranty in case of damages on your fish finder. Go through the provided manual that gives you guidelines on installation.


If you don’t mind short distance casting, this is an ideal choice. The Bluetooth access point that is in-built on the device makes it easy to use if you are lacking data or Wi-Fi. The combination of useful features and great technology make deeper fish finder an ideal choice.

  • The device is light-weight
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity covers a wide range
  • The GPS receiver is powerful and sensitive
  • It is light-weight, increasing portability
  • It is suitable for both ice and shore fishing
  • It is compatible with Android phones and tablets.
  • If you compare the battery life of this device to others, this has shorter battery life.
  • Most users wish that it came with a night cover.

Hummingbird 409690-1 Piranhamax 197C – Best Fishfinder for Hobie Kayak

For the newbies, consider functional fish finder. It helps you know the best fishing spots in water and keeps you in control of fish movements.

Any ice fisher will love this finder as long as the transducer is in water.


  1. LED lights
  2. Depth and fish alarms
  3. Fish ID+
  4. Temperature sensor
  5. Color Modes


  • Sonar technology

Just as with other models, this fish finder uses sonar technology to help you know the depth of the water. The technology transmits sound waves through your fish finder’s transducer into the water. This triggers sonar returns to help you gauge the moving objects in the water. It allows you to see the display of fish in the water.

  • The view

With every movement of your kayak, your fish finder shows you the depth of the water to establish a contour profile. You can monitor the intensity of sonar returns against the color ranges with the help of the sonar view on your fish finder.

Different color modes symbolize different signals. For instance, red symbolizes a strong return while blue portrays minimal return. Make use of the Beam to set your sonar readings.

  • Fish ID+

This feature enables you to view fish icons for advanced detection near you. As the transducer gives you information, the fish ID+ assigns this data to your fish icons.

  • Alarms

This fish finder comes with different alarms that act as indicators of what is happening in the water. For instance, your fish alarm will sound when you are about to catch a fish. The sonar senses can tell you the size of your fish. There is also a battery alarm that turns on when you are running low on charge.


Apart from the few hiccups such as a small screen and an inaccurate fish ID+, this fish finder performs well.

  • It can go up to 320 feet deep
  • Comes with LED lights for a better view especially at night
  • It can tell the temperature of your water
  • The technology is effective in catching fish
  • Has indicators in the form of alarms.
  • Sometimes the fish ID+ gives inaccurate data by not distinguishing debris from a fish.
  • It does not come with lots of items like in other fish finders
  • The TFT screen is small giving you low-quality images.

Hummingbird 410210 – Good Kayak Fish Finder for Ice Fishing

Are you an angler, looking for a suitable fish finder for the job? You will love this model for it helps you gain skills and experience in angling, thanks to its features and technology.

It comes with both temperature alarm and a freeze frame for enhanced performance.


  1. Color display
  2. LED backlight
  3. Chirp dual beam
  4. Internal GPS
  5. GPS tracking
  6. Split screen


  • Technology

Manufacturers use the chirp sonar mechanism to modulate the transducer’s pulse. The finder can, therefore, separate targeted fish as you get visual images of what is happening beneath the water surface.  It makes use of high depth capabilities that go up to 1500 feet to ensure that you catch some fish.

  • Dual Beam

The dual beam allows you to scan the water using two sonar beams simultaneously. They allow you to view various objects and structures, illustrating their different colors. Your transducer comes with a temperature sensor to monitor temperature changes of the water during different periods.

  • Fish ID+

Manufacturers of this fish finder replace fish arches with a function fish ID+ that has fish symbols. It displays the fish symbols according to the depth. Each symbol comes with distinguishing colors depending on the frequency of the transducer.

  • Fish alarm

You get three different settings for your fish alarm to identify the size of fish you catch. You can customize the alarm to sound when you catch a large or medium fish. The ability to review your fishing activity on a precise spot makes this fish finder effective. You can do this by using the sonar recording that enables you to rewind the feed.

  • Switch fire

This feature allows you to filter targets according to your preference. For instance, you can use the clear mode to separate the clutter so that you remain with the strongest target on your screen. It helps you focus more on the big fish for a better catch.

You can also go for the max mode which gives you data detected by the fish finder. The mode allows you to learn more about different creatures and vegetation under the water.

  • Circular flasher

If you love analyzing your fishing data, the circular flasher will entice you. It gives you sonar information in form of a diagram, using colors to distinguish the intensity of sonar returns. It is a suitable feature for stationary water.

  • Bottom lock

Sometimes, some fish may accumulate at the bottom of your boat. This feature focuses on what is underneath your bottom instead of wide ranges. The concentration here is at one point near the bottom disregarding the fluctuations of depth.


Apart from the numerous features, the price of this fish finder is low. Its ability to reveal depth contours makes it an effect fish finder. This is a must-have for every ice fisher.

  • The transducer is powerful
  • The GPS is precise
  • You have enough charts for easy navigation
  • Your fish finder has waypoint functions
  • It is waterproof
  • Installation is easy
  • Your package does not come with a unit cover

Boblov – Best Fish Finder for Kayak Under $200

Get high-quality images by using a fish finder that comes with a video camera system. Unlike other fish finders, the screen is colored and big for high-resolution viewing.

It comes with twelve infrared lights that are not attached to the camera to prevent damage. You can turn your LED lights on or off as per your preference.


  1. HD camera
  2. Vision light
  3. LCD screen
  4. Camera Casing
  5. Monitor


Explore the sea world using a sophisticated fish finder that allows you to watch the movement of sea creatures in a video form. You get clear pictures thanks to HD camera. You can still view the underworld at night due to the night vision light.

The cable of this fish finder is resistant to water and the cold. It also comes with a color monitor that enhances brightness around the surrounding. Your fish finder comes with a metal casing for your camera. This provides maximum protection from damage and boosts durability.

You get a charger for your camera, lithium batteries that are compatible with the camera. You can use the batteries for up to ten hours. It also comes with a monitor to indicate any changes in the water and metal clips for attachment. Use the manual in your package to install your fish finder ready for fishing.


Unlike many kayak fish finders, this one can give you clear pictures even at night. The screen is also bigger increasing the quality of photos. Its style, performance, and convenience make it a suitable fish finder.

  • You get high-quality photos and videos
  • Durable casing for your camera
  • Waterproof cable
  • It includes color monitors.
  • Elegant design
  • You cannot view far distances or dirty water
  • Some users have problems installing it due to unclear instructions.

Best Fish Finder for Kayak in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Considerations for the best kayak fish finder:

  • The weight

Your fish finder should not be heavy in a way that it adds weight to the fish. You need something light so that you can lift the fish easily from the water.

  • The display

Your display should be of high resolution for you to monitor the movement of fish beneath the water. Small screens will limit your display and affect the quality of your images. A large screen helps you capture details of the sea world. It should also be compact not to block your way as you paddle.

  • Installation

Your kayak fish finder should come with clear instructions for you to spend less time installing it. A complex guide can waste your time and make your fishing not successful.

  • The battery life

Consider a fish finder that comes with its own batteries so that you don’t have to spend more looking for them. The life of your batteries should also be extended for maximum utilization as you fish. Bringing extra batteries will save you the frustration of low power source.

kayak fish finder gps

  • Control buttons

Your control buttons should be minimal to avoid any complications. You don’t need a fish finder that comes with so many controls since they can confuse you.

  • GPS

A GPS will guide you on the best fishing spots and direct you to where you are. Get a fish finder with a GPS to avoid getting lost in the water without following a specific direction.

  • Lights

Choose a kayak fish finder that has effective LED lights to use even when it gets dark. This will not limit you to daytime fishing only.

  • Mounting space

While choosing a fish finder, consider the mounting space of kayak. Remember that you require RAM space, space for the batteries as well as the cables.  A small fish finder would occupy less space in your kayak.

Final thoughts

Kayak fishing is an addictive sport that makes you relax and also exercise. The functionality and affordability of fish finders are making this activity exciting for most of us. It can only be fun if you have the right fish finder that takes you less time to capture fish in all sizes.

Consider the factors that we have discussed and get a fish finder that is suitable for your needs. Good luck!


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