Best Ice Fishing Reels: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Ice fishing continues to soar in popularity across Canada and North America. Of course, hunting for fish beneath the frigid waters is an incredible pastime for friends and families alike. However, you should understand as a novice angler that not all fishing reels can get you fish in extreme winter conditions. And this brings us to our question on what makes the best ice fishing reel.

Notably, despite the fact that choosing the right ice fishing reel is no mean task, the kind of fishing reel you have will influence your catch rate. This applies to both casual fishermen or a competitive sports angler.

It would be best if you did some serious research to discover the finest ice fishing reel for your winter fishing expeditions. You may decide to go for a model that offers you greater precision or one with a high usability features for teaching new entrants or kids the art of fishing.

Either way, to get the most out of your next ice fishing excursion, you will need a good reel. This will give you confidence and allow you to be more productive. When searching for the finest ice fishing reel, we suggest one that will provide you with the most incredible ice fishing experience.

Here are some pointers on what to look out for in the best ice fishing reel, as well as some reviews to get you started, or you can even replace the old ones.

Baitcasting, inline, and spinning reels are the most common types of fishing reels in the ice fishing category. Baitcasters are relatively less common and can typically be used for deepwater or giant fish (e.g., Lake Trout). In this guide, we will concentrate on the two most popular kinds of ice fishing reels, and these are spinning and inline reels.

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Top 8 Best Ice Fishing Reels

Best Ice Fishing Reel: Kastking Centron Spinning Reels

If you are looking for an ice fishing reel with great user feedback, this is the place for you. Many professional reviewers and users place the KastKing as the overall best ice fishing reels. It features a balance of everything you would want on a winter fishing reel.

Who said spinning reels have to be ugly to be helpful? Just like the KastKing Summer, the beautiful KastKing Centron Spinning Reels take the lead in the best ice fishing reels for performance and durability.

Key Features and Benefits

It’s a reel loaded with features yet low on a price that can turn any angler into a pro. Because of the compact graphite frame design, the reels are lightweight, and the improved drag mechanism provides 17.5 lbs. of stopping force.

Although this reel is excellent for hauling fish, it may freeze if you aren’t cautious in freezing weather. Also, be ready to do yourself a favor and rinse it after each usage. You cannot afford to let it freeze by not giving it the care it deserves.

Aside from that, it has an anti-corrosion coating that prevents it from seawater damage and retains more line than its more expensive rivals. This makes it incredibly durable hence it is a reel that should be in your tackle box.

The Centron’s has nine high-quality ball bearings and one instant stops one-way anti-reverse bearing that gives it ultra-smooth performance.

Centron has a beautiful, dazzling finish that makes it attractive and also has a high-strength two-color anodized aluminum spool with a power launch lip for longer casts and greater line holding capacity. This, therefore, makes it outperform competitor’s versions that cost much more.

The computer balancing mechanism and thin graphite frame design combine excellent performance in a compact Spinning Reel makes casting effortless. KastKing Centron is a wonderful present for anybody who enjoys fishing, and the 500 size reels are a perfect complement.


  • The lightweight spinning reel is solid enough to handle larger game.
  • It is silky and incredibly easy to handle.
  • It is relatively priced yet qualifies a great rival for more high-end models.


  • Periodically, the bale has the potential to hang up.
  • Some fishermen may not anticipate it to be as big as it is though the bulk does not add any unnecessary weight.


This is an excellent reel for sticking with you while you’re fighting a fish. The KastKing Reels include high-quality inner components and are ideal for hard-use ice fishing. With a hardened metal main shaft, you receive more fish-fighting power. Even more, it features a finely machined pinion gear and an outstanding mesh drive, giving you a better chance of ice fishing success.

Best Inline Ice Fishing Reel: Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Fishing Reel

The Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel is among the best inline reels you can buy if you are on a budget. The model is smooth and simple, but it has enough power to satisfy even the most seasoned fishermen.

If you are likely going to explore difficult icy conditions, this is a fishing reel you can trust. This inline reel is one of the finest on the market thanks to the nylon body and spool and the aluminum handle. Since some pieces are made of plastic, many minor parts will need additional maintenance over time.

Key Features and Benefits

The Eagle Claw Ice Fishing Reel has a nylon body and spool that are both robust. Such a spool guarantees unmatched performance and longevity. However, rest assured that the sturdy build will not add extra weight to your ice rod, giving you more finesse and control over your jig.

The Eagle Claw Ice Fishing Reels include a smooth Teflon drag mechanism that is readily adjustable. With an easily adjustable drag system, you can easily get hold of your catch and play around with it until you can finally pull it out.

Apart from the unbeatable drag system adjustability, it also comes with a free spool release button, providing power, simplicity, and a trimmer line twist. It comes with four ball bearings for smooth performance, making it ideal for catching bigger fish. Thus, using this fishing gear is easy and exciting.

The Eagle Claw ice fishing reel is also intended to minimize line twists. Thus, the manufacturer incorporates a free spool release mechanism into the system. Such a system enables you to drop your bait into the ice hole with ease. It is designed to provide convenience and performance at a low price, assisting you in landing your next fish.


  • It is very smooth and simple to operate hence ideal for both professional and novice fishing enthusiasts.
  • It comes with an excellent line control that is constant regardless of the conditions.
  • The excellent drag system makes it excellent for large fish.


  • Some parts are made from plastic and such sections may need frequent maintenance and repairs.


This is an excellent ice fishing reel for the money. The drag is effective, and the rest of the mechanics are slick. My only criticism about this reel is that the paint Eagle Claw chose to put on it does not adhere properly to the metal, and aesthetic flaws have appeared fast and spontaneously.

Best Durable Reel: Pflueger Moniceb Monarch Ice Spinning Reel

Most consumers desire a low-cost item that works well and lasts a long time. In any case, no one wants to spend exorbitantly on a fishing reel if they find a model with great quality and performance at the same price. The Pflueger Monarch Ice Spinning Reel is a high-quality product with a reasonable price tag and delivers when called upon.

This reel has a graphite rotor and body, making it one of the lightest models. However, its lightweight nature should not fool you. It also ranks as one of the most durable reels models on the market. Without fear of breaking, this ice-fishing reel may be used to fish in the coldest of circumstances

Key Features and Benefits

It has a robust aluminum wire bail construction that prevents misshaping and ensures a uniform line lay. So, tangles are rare, and casting is exquisitely efficient. Indeed, no one wants a fishing reel that is difficult to handle.

The Pflueger Monarch features a motor mechanism that uses five corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings to provide smooth, dependable, and solid retrieves. Additionally, the rubber knob adds additional grip on chilly days, and the larger stem offers a comfortable grip even while wearing gloves.

The reel has a unique feature in that it has a bail wire made of thick aluminum that prevents bending. It will easily handle heavy crappies without the fear of overloading the system. The bail wire does not freeze and will offer great performance even on the most frigid situations.

Furthermore, the lightweight graphite body and rotor reduce the reel’s weight. If you plan to partake a long winter fishing expedition, this is a model you cannot afford to ignore. You can hold it for extended hours without feeling its weight on your hands.


  • It is excellent value for money.
  • The ice fishing reel is long-lasting and can withstand freezing temperatures and misuse.
  • It is ideal for tiny to medium-sized fish (Smelts to Pike).
  • Both left-handed and right-handed versions are available.


  • Some anglers think that the back-reel switch is too heavy.
  • To fold the crank, you will need the thumbscrew on the opposite side. While process is perfectly effective, some users think that it is tedious.


Pflueger understands how to build a fishing rod that will endure misuse for years. The MANICEB is a perfect example from the company’s range of reels. It will not rust on exposure to torrid conditions. Moreover, the aluminum wire bale will keep your line winding in a straight line as well. The rubber handle is also more oversized, allowing you to use it even with thick gloves. Pflueger ice fishing reels are as high-quality as their other reel types, making them a favorite choice among anglers.

Best Portable Reel: Abu Garcia IceMax

The Abu Garcia IceMax ice fishing reel is incredible to look at. However, it is more than just a pretty face. It features a light graphite body and rotor, and a machined aluminum spool, which bring robustness with incredible smooth performance levels.

Issues may occur with any budget reel. This reel switch, for example, only turns in anti-reverse on rare occasions. Another reason this reel is economical is that it can fold the hand with only a push of a button; no screws, just a push of a button. It is also appropriate for both right-handed and left-handed individuals.

Key Features and Benefits

The spool is constructed of machined aluminum and has an Ever-Last bail mechanism that ensures longevity and resistance to severe weather. It also includes a line management mechanism that enables many lines and threads to be used.

Furthermore, this reel’s rocket spool lip design provides a high level of accuracy, allowing for control of the numerous strings. The large stem of this reel is its most remarkable feature since it enables gloved hands to grasp it quickly. Such a feature delivers great comfort and security when handling the fishing reel.

The Icemax has a 5.2:1 gear ratio, which results in a crank length of approximately 22.5 inches. It has a maximum drag of 6.6 pounds, which is suitable for both ice fishing and ultra-light fishing.

The foldable reel handle makes storage a breeze. You can conveniently pack this reel in your bag and set off for your next camping expedition. It also features a longer reel stem, which gives you more space to wear gloves.

Finally, it has cold lubrication, which means it won’t seize up during those chilly months on the lake. The cold gear lubricant improves performance even in subzero temperatures.


  • The body and rotor are made of lightweight graphite, making it ideal for extended excursions.
  • The slow Oscillation mechanism ensures that all kinds of lines are laid evenly.
  • For increased longevity, it has an everlast bail system.
  • It does not cost much, making it suitable for use as a spare reel or a gear for beginners.


  • It’s a little on the hefty side, and the throwing distance isn’t great.


The Abu Garcia IceMax  is one of the best ice fishing reels you can find on the market today. Its foldable handle makes it pretty portable and easy to store. This reel is built to withstand severe weather conditions while being lightweight, robust, and cheap. On the other hand, the anti-reverse issue may be great for beginners.

The Most Versatile Reel: Frabill 690701

Loke many modern Frabill reels, this Frabill model is also built of composite. So, it is a fishing gear you can conveniently use for ice fishing. It’s tough, long-lasting, and resistant to freezing conditions, so you won’t have to keep thawing your gear all the time. It’s also very light, at only 8 ounces.

You must exercise caution when using this ice fishing gear because the release can become stuck and stop operating. Also, if a piece of ice gets lodged on the line when reeling, the tension adjuster may have problems.

Key Features and Benefits

This reel has a 3.7:1 gear ratio, which is good because it prioritizes strength over speed. It also contains 5+1 ball bearings with a built-in anti-reverse system to keep bird nests at bay. It has a nice drag as well.

A silent bait alarm switch is also included on this reel, which might be pretty helpful. It also has a guarded spool, allowing for the use of a palm grip. An enlarged handle has also been included for the convenience of ice anglers. It is primarily designed for right-handed individuals; however, it can be changed to accommodate left-handed persons.

The stem is particularly appealing since it may wear in two positions: long and short. As a result of this feature, the reel is the most flexible on our list, as one can use it for various fishing techniques.

This high-quality, performance-driven ice fishing reel is lightweight and won’t freeze even in the coldest conditions. It has a silky smooth drag and anti-reverse action that is instantaneous. There’s also a silent bait alarm switch on this model, as well as an enlarged handle for better grip and control.


  • It comes with a bait alarm that has no sound.
  • An existing anti-reverse in a flash makes it pretty convenient to use.
  • A guarded spool protects the spool interior from ice and salt.


  • The release pin may become stuck and stop operating in the middle of a retrieve.


This reel is especially perfect for ice fishing because it has a composite build that keeps your gear from freezing. The strength of the fish you’ll be able to catch with this reel will astound you since it prioritizes power over all other features.

Because it includes a 100 percent free spool switch, you can drop the tiniest jig to any depth without twisting the line. It also keeps the cord from coiling and the tackle from spinning, which is a bonus.

Best Budget: Daiwa D-Spin Ultralight

The Daiwa D-Spin Ultralight reel is a revolution box wrapped in a stylish black-and-silver wrapper. It only weighs 5.9 Oz, making it one of the lightest reels available. Furthermore, it allows you to use more lightweight threads, which are more sensitive to smaller fish.

Of course, the Daiwa brand is one of the most famous names in the fishing gear industry. It is a reputable company since it relies on unbeatable quality and an exciting eye for performance. While many of the company’s reels will sell just because they flout the Daiwa name, the D-Spin goes beyond that.

Key Features and Benefits

The gear ratio is 4.9:1, and there are just one stainless steel ball bearings, which may be insufficient. However, Daiwa’s one-of-a-kind technology compensates for this. This gear system is known as the Digigear digital gear, and it dramatically increases the reel’s power, strength, and speed.

The drag mechanism has a maximum weight of 4.4 pounds, which, combined with the longer stroke oscillation, provides smooth retrieval of your catch. Aside from being reasonably trendy, the gear housing is composed of composite, making this reel ideal for adverse conditions. The composite casing prevents the inside of the reel from freezing.

For smooth line retrieval, it comes with a single stainless steel ball-bearing. However, for experienced anglers, these characteristics may not make it the finest ice fishing reel as they would need more bearings for enhanced smoothness. Of course, this would not be too bad for a starter looking for simplicity and basic performance.

The pricing is the most appealing feature of this reel; it is pretty reasonable. But that does not mean that the company is trying to sell a shoddy reel since you still get a lot for your money. Furthermore, it is suited for both right-handed and left-handed people.


  • The patented Digigear gear delivers remarkable performance and reliability.
  • It is lightweight and ideal for people who expect to go out for extended hours.
  • You will easily know that something is on the line due to the high sensitivity level.
  • It has a high endurance level and will perform remarkably in all frosty conditions.


  • The drag is not one of the strongest, making it the best ice fishing reel for small fish.
  • The handle knob is less robust.


For a few pence, you can get an excellent package with this reel. The pricing is fantastic, and it is ideal for someone who is just getting started with ice fishing and does not want to spend a fortune on a reel. You can cast it under a layer of ice and despite the weak bites from small fishes, you can rely on its high sensitivity to get on top of you game.

Best Shallow Water Ice Reels: 13 Fishing Black Betty Fishing Reels

The 13 Black Fishing is one of the best shallow water panfish ice reels. The inline design eliminates line twists when dropping tiny ice jigs, and the robust all-aluminum construction will endure. It can stand up to the test of heavy ice and long-term use.

The 13 Black Fishing Betty Reel has an aluminum structure that is CNC machined from bar stock; this offers you the full gear you’ll need for ice fishing in harsh winter conditions. The Black Betty has a bait warning, anti-reverse, and a smooth carbon drag system.

Key Features and Benefits

The redesigned frame design, which has an aluminum handle with AVA knobs, allows you to use a pencil or pistol grip without touching the spool’s rim. It also features a super free-spool that lets you drop even the lightest baits deep and a 2.7:1 gear ratio that allows you to retrieve at a 19″ per crank pace.

The tension spool is located directly below the reel and allows you to control how quickly the bait falls. You will engage the reel after you let go of the trigger, and you may begin retrieving. This one-of-a-kind feature sets it different from the competitors and allows you to get your lure to the appropriate depth rapidly.

The free fall trigger mechanism is the most remarkable feature. When you pull the trigger, the spool begins to spin freely.


  • It keeps the line straight and has a beautiful lure-free fall (excellent jigging reel).
  • When playing a fish, you want a smooth drag that is simple to modify.
  • The line retrieval speed is excellent for keeping up with the fast-moving fish.


  • It isn’t easy to maintain a pencil grip without making touch with the spool.
  • If you’re not cautious, it’s easy to go over the line.


This is the reel for you if you want to trade a lightweight reel for one that will last a lifetime and take you on many fishing excursions.

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A Detailed Buyer’s Guide to Help You Choose the Best Ice Fishing Reel

There are a few things to think about before deciding on the finest ice fishing reel for you. Knowing your reel’s specifications is crucial since they will influence the quality of your fishing experience.

The appearance of an ice fishing reel has less to do with performance than its characteristics. As a result, we’ve prepared a list of qualities that will aid you in your quest. The following is a list of essential considerations to make when purchasing an ice fishing reel.

Body Design

Ice fishing reels are designed differently than conventional reels because you must use them while wearing gloves, and fishing is static rather than dynamic. The reel body is more robust/thicker to prevent the line from freezing, so don’t be fooled by its appearance.


Any ice fishing reel’s spool must be constructed of durable materials that can endure the cold and water, as well as extended hours of fishing. In addition, it must be enormous.

Because you’ll be traveling deep into the lake while ice fishing, you’ll need a lot longer line, and that line will need a giant spool to hold it.


Ice fishing can be done in near-extreme circumstances; therefore, you’ll almost certainly be wearing thick gloves. When compared to a standard reel, this implies the handle will need to be changed. Companies are aware of this and have designed larger handles with non-slip material to guarantee that you do not lose your hold during long fights. The cranking power of the reel will also be affected by large handles. With a bigger diameter, you’ll be able to generate greater torque.


You’ll be standing in your location for extended periods, holding your equipment, and waiting for your catch to swallow the bait while ice fishing. As a result, using lightweight ice fishing reels to lessen the impact of all this work on your arms, shoulders, and back makes sense.


Ice fishing reels are subjected to a lot of abuse from the weather, so the material they’re constructed of needs to be rigid. Stainless steel or aluminum are the best materials to look for. These are rust-proof and lightweight, making them ideal for your requirements.

Ball Bearings

It is always not about the quantity but the quality. When it comes to minimizing friction in ice fishing reels, ball bearings are essential. These help counteract drag loads; thus, the more ball bearings, the better, but the quality is also necessary. For example, if you wish to fish in the surf or the ocean, choose a reel with shielded bearings to protect the line from seawater.

Anti-Ice System

This is one of the essential features to look for when buying an ice fishing reel since having your reel freeze every minute can spoil your fishing excursion. As a result, you should consider purchasing an anti-ice system or cold-gear lube-treated reels. The very worst-case situation is that you’ll have to take anti-freeze spray with you, which will be a tedious job to defrost your equipment now and again.

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Drag Capacity

Like any other kind of fishing, the drag rating is an essential characteristic to pay attention to. Dragging is the process of pulling your catch from the water. The weight affects the size of the fish you can capture with the reel by determining how much strain is on the line when recovering your catch. You may want to think about getting an adjustable reel. This will provide you with more flexibility in terms of catching a variety of fish and extending the life of your reel.

Key Takeaway

Much of it is determined by your requirements and tastes. You can’t go wrong with any of the reels mentioned above when it comes to selecting a dependable fishing reel. Also, make sure your reel is compatible with the rod you’ll be using. Rods, like reels, are rated for various line tests, so if you use a more excellent test line than it was designed to bear, you risk damaging it.

Baitcasting rods are stiffer than spinning rods since they are used for casting. Depending on the kind of fishing you undertake, you may mix and match your rod and reel combinations or buy ready-made mixtures. Experiment with various combinations if you wish to be an active participant in the activity. Besides, ensure you look out for the best ice fishing boots to protect your feet.