Best Braided Fishing Lines of 2022

Undoubtedly, you need a fishing line to spool your reel and fish. Braided lines are old but not obsolete. They have become the most preferred fishing lines by many anglers. They are made of polyethylene, twined together in cords of 4, 6, 8, and 12. The more the strands, the thicker the line. However, every bundle has its benefits. There are several brands of braided fishing lines, and choosing the best braided fishing lines that fit your fishing ground is vital.

Braided lines have advanced features developed over the years, from abrasion resistance, a reasonable casting distance, and reliable knots. The best terminal knots to be used by braided fishing lines are the Palomar knots. In addition, braids have rigs that are more sensitive to fish bites because they are slightly stretched. These advancements have made braided fishing lines a top option for anglers compared to monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines.

This article reviews the best braided fishing lines, read on and get enlightened.

Top 8 Braided Fishing Lines

Best in proficiency; Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braid

The Sufix 832 is a combination of 8 strands twined together with approximately 32 knits an inch. This braid is very costly, but its qualities are worth the price. Its strands are made of strong fibers, and its round silhouette makes it easier to cast. The strands are made from 7 durable Dyneema fabrics plus one patent Gore performance fiber.

This braided Superline braid is built to provide easy casting, high sensitivity, and abrasion resistance. They come in 3 colors; Leon-lime, ghost, and lo-vis. The colors rarely fade away because of its color retaining technology.

Key features and benefits

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is one of the most robust braid lines with a small diameter. In addition, its eight-count strand makes it more durable. The strands have 32 knits per inch, which explains its high performance, strength, and water resistance. With the additional patent Gore performance fiber, the line has the best casting accuracy, improved line abrasion resistance, and reduced vibration.

The fibers are made of HMPE, making the line far more resistant to abrasion than many other brands. Because of its robust features, Sufix 832 is designed for fishing even in ice-cold water without freezing. In addition, this line is great for more specialized casting techniques.

The line features a TGP technology responsible for the maintenance of color even in high fishing cover. The weight of each line varies from 6-80 pounds depending on the angler’s preference.


  • Improved castability
  • It is designed with 7 Dyneema fabrics for durability
  • It is strong because of the high count fibers
  • It has a color retention technology
  • They come in three colors for diversity
  • The line provides high sensitivity, abrasion resistance, and water repellency.
  • Its round profile feature makes it easy to fly through the guides.


  • It is costly, but you can consider it if it is within your budget.


Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is an ideal choice braided line. Its price is directly proportional to its qualities. Its price depends on the weight and yards, but the average market price goes for approximately $120. although this might be perceived as expensive, the line never disappoints.

Best in Smooth casting; Spider Wire Ultracast Invisi Braids

This is an 8-fiber braided fishing line that stands out for its durability. The product has the best performance with outstanding quality. The fibers are purely made of polyethylene. Spider Wire Ultracast uses its own formulated polyethylene, unlike other braided lines, which primarily use Dyneema, Spectra, and others. This formulated polyethylene is made through cold fusion to increase abrasion resistance.

This line has the best casting performance, more than any other brands. You can easily cast out long-distance. The Spider Wire Ultracast can be used to fish around rocky areas because of abrasion resistance. This line has smooth braids which still cut through vegetation easily compared to the fluorocarbon or monofilament.

Key features

It provides the best performance compared to other Spider Wire brands. Their braids are smoothly built with high polyethylene fiber. In turn, the smooth strands prevent break-ins during fishing. Spider Wire Ultracast is an eight-fiber braided fishing line and is durable, just like many eight-strand fishing lines. The line comes in different weights and yards to fit every function.

Spider wire features high strength, and impressive quality per diameter is a plus. Their translucent color is convenient for fishing since the line is invisible to marine life. The line comes in small and medium spools; the small size is 1500 yards while the medium size is 3000 yards.

This line is perfect for both fresh and saltwater and a good choice for everyday fishing. Its lightweight feature is good for the inexperienced angler. The average market price of Spider Wire ultra cast Invisi brand is $65.


  • High abrasion resistance
  • It has the best castability
  • It comes in two spool sizes
  • Its line is near invisibility makes it easier to catch fish
  • It is lightweight yet firm and durable
  • They come in several weights
  • Its strands are 100% pure polyethylene
  • Convenient for fishing in both salty and freshwater


  • Since it is very thin and lightweight, it can easily get entangled.


This is the best option if you are looking for a fishing line with the best casting performance. It is also a good choice for everyday fishing for anglers looking for good returns. Their invisibility in water increases your chances of a good catch.

Best abrasion resistance; Hitena Supercast Pureline

This line is a combination of 12 strands interwoven to form a powerful resistance to abrasion fishing line. Designed through micro-braid technology to absorb small amounts of water, the strands are also uniquely patterned. They have monofilaments that have gone through gel spinning, providing outstanding strength.

Hitena Supercast lines are tested and rated by ISO to provide details of their breaking points, which cushions anglers from using oversize lines. For example, if a line is rated 20lb, this should mean that that is its breaking point. With careful crafting during the production of the Hitena lines, there is a zero chance of the lines breaking unnecessarily.

The lines have an extra coating preventing them from damaging. These lines work well when fishing in rocky waterbeds.

Key features

Hitena lines are white-colored, very thin, and perfectly rounded profile features. This line has features that match the highest quality fishing lines. The micro-braid technology makes it the top-recommended casting line by experts. The use of technology to advance its features has made it stand out and impressed many professional anglers.

The new technology used in spinning has made it one of the best  PE lines for casting in long distances and abrasion resistance. The Polefin spinning technology makes a thinner line diameter, about 20% thinner than the standard line.

They have a unique extra coating responsible for external protection and feature a coating that is equally smooth to ensure easy casting.


  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very strong and durable
  • Uses advanced technology to improve its performance
  • It has an extra coating to prevent damage
  • Preferred and recommended by professionals
  • Has a controlled water absorption rate
  • This line has a long casting distance


  • It’s a bit noisy


Hitena fishing lines are the best choice if you are looking for a line that has a good casting performance and high abrasion resistance. These are two features that define the performance of the line.

Best in durability; Enature Braided Fishing Lines- Advanced 8 stranded

This eight-strand woven braid line features strong abrasion resistance and a perfect casting performance fishing line. The strands are made of PE (polyethylene) for a more durable braid that can withstand salt and fresh water fishing grounds. These lines are best for Bass, fly, and ice fishing, indicating their versatility and resilience.

What makes Enature braid lines stand out is their ability to stay new for a long time. They will neither snip nor fade away easily. During production, the braid lines go through a process that ensures color retention. In addition, Enature lines match the perfect round profile that ensures a great casting distance and a perfect finish.

The lines are tough considering the high molecular PE weight composition. PE is used in the manufacturing of bulletproofs and other protective clothing.  This component makes the lines stronger and less likely to break even if you are fishing in rocky fishing grounds.

 Key features

The Enature Braided Fishing Line is a low memory and abrasion resistance braid; it has zero chance of getting wing knots. The implication is that it is very sensitive to fish bites which contribute to a successful catch. Enature lines are a combination of Polyethylene built fiber strands knitted together to form a tough, powerful strand that is durable and strong.

The outline of the lines is smooth, and the castings are also great. They come in different colors and test weights.


  • It has great casting
  • Highly resistant to abrasion
  • Very durable and strong
  • Built with high PE components for more toughness and resistance
  • Resilient; can be used in salt and fresh water fishing ground
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • It has a round profile feature, making it easy to cast.


  • Knots can start forming if the line is not kept tight


This fishing line has advanced its features through technology, making it more result-oriented. Its high resistance to abrasions is a good indication that this line can be used even in fishing grounds covered in vegetation and rocks. This line has an average market price of $65.


Braided lines remain pretty popular due to their versatility and durability. With this guide, we believe that you can choose a perfect braided line for your fishing excursions. Consider the factors highlighted above and your personal preferences when shopping for the best braided line for the money. And always add a couple of braided lines in your tackle box.