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Academy Fishing License – Everything you need to know (2022)

Obtaining a fishing license is a very important step in your fishing adventures. As a serious angler a fishing license is a must-have. Every state has its own rules and regulations that guide all fishing activities under its jurisdiction.

The licenses can be purchased from the Fish and Wildlife Agency. Also, you can purchase the licenses from the license agents distributed across the country in each state.

There are thousands of these licensing agents, and Academy Sports and Outdoors is one such entity. Academy is an online retail shop that sells mostly sports and outdoors products and services.

In this guide, we discuss how to get your fishing license at Academy.

Academy Fishing License Information

It is important to note that Academy does not make any laws but they are used as license agents to help sell the fishing licenses, renewals, and tags. What this means is that different states have their unique fishing regulations.

The pricing of licenses varies from state to state; and depending on the type of license you want. Generally, here are some of the factors that determine the type of license you may purchase:

  • The state in which you are fishing.
  • The place you are going to fish
  • Period of fishing
  • Your resident status in a state
  • The fishing method you are using
  • Purpose of fishing i.e. for selling, eating
  • Age of the angler

Different Types of Fishing Licenses

At Academy, you can get several different types of licenses. Here are some of the licenses you will get from this outdoor sporting goods store.

1. Freshwater License

This type of license is required by anglers with the intention to fish in freshwater rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams.

2. Saltwater License

A saltwater fishing license is required by anglers that look to fish in salt and brackish waters. Saltwater includes water in the ocean, piers, and at the beaches. Brackish waterways can be in estuaries or end of rivers headed into the ocean.

3. Commercial Fishing License

If you are planning to commercialize your angling activities and earn cash out of it, you can obtain a commercial fishing license. This license is available to both residents and non-residents in most states.

4. Non-Resident Fishing License

This is a temporary fishing license that a person who is not a resident of a certain state has to purchase in order to undertake their activities. It is normally for a few days to weeks.

5. Combination License

With a combination license, you can catch fish in saltwater and freshwater.

6. Junior or Senior Fishing License

If you are under the age of 16 years, you can apply to get a junior fishing license. Elderly people with over 65 years can also apply for senior licenses.

These licenses may be purchased at a considerably reduced cost or sometimes free, depending on which state you come from.

7. Lifetime Fishing License

A lifetime fishing license is the type that will provide anglers the freedom to fish in public waters without undergoing the stress of renewal that happens every year.

The license commands some top dollar but it’s worth it given the amount of money you could save by avoiding the regular annual subscription fee in the long run. Most states have this kind of offering, although it’s limited to residents only.

If you will be fishing for the next several years, this is a perfect fishing license you need.

8. Species Permits

Species permits are also very important specially when it comes to certain species of fish. For instance, fishing red drum requires a special permit or tag, besides the normal fishing license.

Therefore, whichever type of license you choose to buy from Academy, make sure you observe the rules and regulations the state has put in place on fishing activities. In addition, some jurisdictions have their own laws that you may need to consult before moving on to apply a fishing license at Academy.

Failure to adhere to the stipulated laws could result in you being fined. Even worse, your catches could be confiscated and the fishing license revoked immediately, and get yourself arrested in some instances.


  1. Can I get a fishing license at Academy?

Generally, you can get a fishing or hunting license at Academy.  Academy is a one-stop shop for many sports and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts that’s also registered as one of the many license agents across the states in the country.

Just like other agents, you can only buy the license through them; however, all regulations and laws of fishing are provided by the respective departments of enforcement in the individual states.

  • How much is fishing license at Academy?

The price of a fishing license depends on which state you come from and what type of fishing activity you want to do. So, prices vary from one state to another.

Under no conditions can Academy come up with their own prices of fishing licenses.

  • Does Academy provide free fishing licenses?

Academy does not give free fishing license except on special occasions. Sometimes Academy may want to promote the fishing sport in a given state.

In the past, they have encouraged customers to make minimum in-store purchases to qualify for their free freshwater fishing licenses.

Final Thoughts:

As a license agent, Academy sports and outdoors is one of the most famous places to buy fishing licenses in the US. You can easily apply for a fishing license and pick it at Academy.

Note that you first must meet the requirements in your state before applying for a license at Academy.