My name is Anthony, and I am the editor here at Fishing Generation.

Growing up, I watched my father explore fishing as an economic activity. On numerous occasions, I accompanied him on fishing expeditions to many lakes in Florida. It was both an adventurous and an exciting experience I enjoyed being part and parcel. My folk, surprisingly, had inherited the occupation from my grandparent who was a renowned fisherman in our entire village. This trait had been transcended down the family lane skipping no generation. The many frequent visits as company-cum helper to my father made me pick a lot as an apprentice. This solidified my developing passion for fishing as a toddler then, at only eight years. Growing up and with more frequent visits, my passion was cemented.

Back then we would go out fishing using a very simple hook and line. For that case a hand line. The hook had the bait of a worm to act as a lure to the unsuspecting fish which would be attracted to this bait. Trying to swallow the bait, had the fish caught. The main vessel we used for transport during the expedition was a canoe. Sitting on it, I watched in awe as my father effortlessly paddled it across the lake when the weather was calm and there were no turbulences. I enjoyed the Nile perch we often fished out as it was my father’s favorite. In many instances, however, we had an infinite variety of fish species we fished out.

When I struck fifteen, I was not only a very good fisherman but also understood the nitty-gritty’s surrounding the fishing experience. I had an experience of over eight years. My father was growing old. His old age coupled with my passion for fishing birthed a full-stack passionate fisherman as my career. I attended conferences on fishing expeditions and also took short course training on deep-sea and advanced vessel use in fishing.

My father was an artisanal fisherman but over time I had overhauled the whole industry into a modern one. This meant that the variety of fish I fished was also spiced owing to the introduction of vast fishing grounds now seas and deep oceans. I moved from using hand and line to using very advanced fishing equipment that not only served the lakes and rivers but also supported fishing in the deep seas and oceans. Among the many tools, I use include the sinkers, floats, reels, tackle boxes, gaffs, nets, trolls, trawlers, gillnets, and purse seines.

Fifteen years of consistency and worthy experience down the line, coupled with the knowledge I have over the years, training, books, passion, conferences, and tours to the many states that undertake advanced fishing. I saw it as a noble act to share the same information with those who might be having marrying passions as mine but might not have the know-how on fishing both as a sport, for subsistence, and economic activity. It is my sincere hope that FishingGen.com fully satiates your quest for knowledge on fishing.