A Detailed Guide to Electric Fishing Reels

Fishing, onshore or offshore, remains one of the most popular activities worldwide. It is a pastime for millions and a sport for others. It is also a dependable income activity that runs households and drives economies. The arrival and development of electric fishing reels continue to revolutionize offshore fishing.

You see, we live in an era of technology. And while technological advances continue to transform most fields, fishing is still less affected. But that does not mean total neglect. Fishing lines, fishing rods, baits, and tackles remain pretty much what they were eons ago. They remain manual.

But there are notable effects of technology around fishing reels, giving birth to modern-day electric fishing reels. Interestingly, these precious pieces of equipment are loved and hated in equal measure. While many ardent anglers think that they are a preserve for lazy people, millions of offshore fishing enthusiasts rank them among the most significant fishing industry innovations.


What Is an Electric Fishing Reel?

We find it necessary to spell out what an electric fishing reel is before delving deeper into the subject. An electric spinning reel is a reeling gear that comes with an electric motor that can quickly and automatically pull back the line once there is a catch on the line.

They resemble ordinary fishing reels in design and appearance. However, the inclusion of a motor reeling system ensures that you do not have to reel in the fishing line and the fish manually. They come with more power and unbeatable winding speeds. Such a feature makes them a perfect bet for anyone who wants to resort to more modern fishing methods.

Interestingly, many companies have add-ons that you can use on your ordinary fishing reel. So, you can still turn your manual gear into an electric one if going digital interests.


Applications of Electric Fishing Reels

We already mentioned that many people think that going automatic with their fishing gear is a way of lazy fishing. You, too, probably feel the same way. But you could be wrong!

Electric reeling gear can be impossible to ignore. They come in handy in a variety of applications.

Firstly, as exciting as deep-sea fishing is, it is also tedious and can be risky. In deep-sea fishing, you will find yourself in waters deeper than 100 feet or 30 feet. So, you will most likely catch large fish that you cannot find in shallow waters. These may include marlin, shark, tuna, and swordfish, among other big marine names.

Catching any of the above is a memorable experience.  But getting any of the fish to your boat is quite tasking. You need to be at your best in terms of skills and physical ability.

Electric fishing reels are your savior when it comes to deep-sea fishing. They give you the convenience to cast as deep and possible and find fish at the lowest level. And when you successfully lure and hook one, reeling back is effortless. Ideally, a team of six offshore fishermen will still find it draining to pull a giant shark into the boat caught 150 feet in the deep sea.

And that is why you need an electric fishing reel.


Features of Using an Electric Fishing Reel

Many manual fishing gear users feel so confident about their equipment that they do not contemplate making the bold shift to electric fishing reels. It is understandable. But the following features will probably make you have a second thought;


  1. Ease of Use

The most significant advantage of electric fishing reels is that they are ridiculously easy to use. You can easily fish with an electric reel regardless of your angling experience. All you need to do is to set it up conveniently and wait for the fish to get on your line.

Once you hook the fish, the electric gear does all the work for you. It will conveniently pull out your catch. Thus, you will not have to struggle to crank your handle to get a fish almost your weight from the waters. You will undoubtedly need muscles if you stick to manual models.


  1. Dual-Purpose

Cranking a reel is nostalgic, mainly if you are passionate about manual fishing gears. You also test your line from time to time to find out if something is on the line. The process involves and gives the natural feeling and satisfaction that comes with the actual concept of fishing. You will not enjoy such an experience with an all-out electric reel, making it impossible for old-school anglers to consider making a shift.

However, this will probably come to you as a surprise. Manual systems are entirely manual. However, many electric systems also have manual capabilities and controls. Thus, you have options. You can either sit back and enjoy the scenery of calm waters in the middle of nowhere or actively participate in catching and subduing your prey.


  1. They Are Faster

Unlike manual reels that can be too slow and irritating, electric models are pretty fast. They exhibit interestingly quick retrieval rates with the number varying from 0 to 15. The bearings deliver smooth and undeniably fast operations. They also have superior gear ratios, and this also helps with speed.

Pulling a large fish from deep waters is going to elicit a fight. Thus, doing so the manual way can last you hours. But with your electric gear, you will enjoy fast and consistent speed. And you could do everything successfully in a few minutes.

  1. Superior Drag System

Like their manual counterparts, electric reels depend on the drag to be effective. It is the relationship between the force on your line and the amount of line that your line can release. So, the amount of line dispensed from the reel and the dispensation speed.

And as you would expect, electric options score highly on this. They feature advanced drag mechanisms with phenomenal topping power. And since the equipment can handle the reel automatically, the entire system is a breeze to use.

However, ensure your drag settings are proper as you could snap your fishing line or lose your fish.


  1. More Precision

Talk about precision, and electric reels come top on the list. They feature advanced line counters that maximize accuracy. Besides, the fact that you can still calibrate them makes the systems even more accurate.

The line counter provides a detailed readout of your line depth. So, there are always no chances that you will lose track of your line. And if you like trolling, this is what the line counter does even better. Your bait will constantly move and do so with unimaginable consistency. The feature allows for a more precise exploration of hiding spots for fish.

The fact that a variety of motorized reels have jig settings is a factor that also maximizes precision. You can conveniently pick a setting rather than messing up with the bait’s location. The jig jigs your lure on your behalf as you enjoy the horizons within the vicinity.

Finally, but arguably the most crucial component of this device is the depth memory feature. Your reel will reliably keep the depth in the memory even after you reel back your line. You can choose to cast your bait on the same spot, shallower, or deeper when you cast next.


  1. Powerful

Many electric reels have unimaginable power. But if you fish onshore or in shallow waters most of the time, you may never know why you need power on a fishing reel. That is because shallow waters do not have too large fish species or types.

But kite and teaser reel enthusiasts will confide in you that the vast offshore waters can be surprising. Yes, you are not always going to make a catch with every cast that you make. But when you do, it is always a big one and worth the adventure.

Electric wheels make perfect fishing gear for such fishing expeditions. Instead of cranking your reel for hours on end trying to bring out a heavy and bulky catch, the powerful equipment does the work for you.

The mechanism can easily save you from a lot of effort and hassle. It detects if there is fish on your line and conveniently reels it out of the water, thanks to the automated reeling mechanism. That is something that you will enjoy.


Final Words

Fishing is both enjoyable and satisfying. It is even more fulfilling when you come back with a good catch. However, as interesting as fishing is, the fact that it is also exhaustive is undebatable. And a whole weekend of offshore fishing can be very draining, particularly if you will have to pull one or more fish the same as your weight. Of course, you will need hours for that.

Fortunately, electric fishing reels are your ultimate solution. They make targeting pretty effortless and less time-consuming. These motorized options stand out for their unbeatable ease of use, hassle-free, and time-saving features.

Characteristically, these models feature advanced anti-vibration mechanisms that reduce spool oscillations to eliminate unnecessary vibration during winding. Also, an anti-twisting mechanism helps to minimize line twists by up to 40%.

The motorized fishing reel is your kind of gear if you are a proponent of working smarter rather than working harder.